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<addlink> ... </addlink>


<addlink> ... </addlink> allows you, to create a link, inside a fact, that links to the correct "Create fact form".


By using the tags "doctype" and "folders" you can preselect the right fact-type in the fact-creation-form and also the ID of the Folder in which you want the fact to be linked.



<addlink doctype="factdoc" folders="ID.V"> create text </addlink>
<addlink doctype="factfsfile" folders="ID.V"> upload file </addlink>
<addlink doctype="image" folders="ID.V"> upload picture </addlink>
<addlink doctype="task" folders="ID.V"> create task </addlink>
<addlink doctype="event" folders="ID.V"> create event </addlink>

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You can use this tag only in html mode and at the very beginning of the html text you should type <advancedparser/>! 

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